Hello October....... Whewwwwwww

Y'all, I have been depleted for the last few months, and been working hard to reestablish a stable place mentally and physically for myself. I had to realize that one I was tired, and two I could not again, “do it all”. I had a honest moment with myself. The honest moment went something like this, “You don’t like this, you are not happy doing this, and girl say no, no, no!” I had to be extremely honest in all areas of my life, starting with my prayers with God, as if I could even hide anything from him. So here I am feeling like I’m regaining my footing and I wanted to ask you all to join me in my challenge to recalibrate. I call it "Recalibrate October". Yeah, I know it’s always a slogan or hashtag, but sorry that is the world we live in, and I’m accepting it. Recalibrate October is pretty simple: Pick something you would like to do that will help you regain your footing. It can be an oath to yourself, a daily routine, a quote, whatever. Mine is simple, well nothing I really do is simple, but it’s for me. I have decided to get back to eating consciously, not overindulging, asking God First, and saying no as much as I feel like it. Simple right lol. If you felt off, or just need a clean slate, a restart; join me with Recalibrate October.

Inhale and Exhale,


P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #recalibrateoctoberchallenge if you are joining me!

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