Mindful Moment: What Is Your Body Saying To You?

This week, I have been struggling with my patience. I felt a bit agitated, and short fused in all areas of my life. During my morning meditation, I realized that every hour of my day is usually accounted for, and right now my body and mind was asking for a break. I took during this time of meditation to listen to my body. I decided the next day, which was today, to take a different approach. Instead of jumping right up at 6:00am, I stayed in bed past my alarm and slept an extra 30 minutes. I decided not to make breakfast like I usually do, and instead picked up my favorite tea from Starbucks. Just this simple change, took the pressure off my mind and body, and gave me additional time to relax and relieve stress through sleep.

What is your body saying to you? Take a moment tonight or in the morning, one to five minutes to sit in silence. Take a deep breath in, hold the breath, then release. Repeat.

Try to focus on slowing down your breathing. Once done take a scan of how this was for you. Was it difficult? Did you feel a need to rush through the activity? If so maybe your body could benefit with a break from the daily rush. Journal and try to implement something new into your tomorrow that could help your mind and body.


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